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Embark on a transformative summer journey at Geneva Hills, where the spirit of adventure meets the warmth of a close-knit Christian community. Join our team and immerse yourself in an environment where employees not only deepen their faith but also forge lifelong friendships that echo the bonds of a caring family.
At Geneva Hills, we believe in the power of creating lasting impacts in the lives of children. As a member of our team, you’ll play a pivotal role in fostering a sense of community and spiritual growth among the campers. Surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of Hocking Hills, you’ll find your workplace infused with the serenity and inspiration that nature provides.



Recognizing the diverse commitments of our team, we deeply appreciate the time dedicated to Geneva Hills, whether it spans the entire summer or involves balancing other crucial priorities such as school, family, or vacations. Your flexibility is not merely valued; it’s celebrated.

Whether you can commit to the full summer or need some time off, our commitment is unwavering in finding a solution that seamlessly works for both you and our summer team. We firmly believe that life’s various demands shouldn’t impede your ability to be an integral part of the Geneva Hills family.



Can you imagine getting paid to have to have the most amazing summer of your life? That’s what happens at Geneva Hills. With salaries that are more than double the national average for summer camps, comfortable living accommodations, and three delicious meals a day, what more could you want in a summer job. This will not only be a spiritually fulfilling role, but one that leaves you prepared financially for whatever God calls you to next.


Yes! Summer team members can leave the summer making up to $5,500 plus free room and board. Pay is based on experience and position.

We are willing to work with your schedule to make working at camp a reality for you! We understand that your life outside of camp is busy and you have other obligations to take care of. Certain positions at Geneva Hills require that you are present for the full summer, while others have the flexibility to work with your summer needs. You can see important dates for this summer listed above. Still not sure how to make camp work with your schedule? Contact us and we can talk through options specific for you.

We can help with internship requirements! Believe it or not, there are various positions available at Camp that can help you further your career. Cho-Yeh has been able to help out several former staff members with internship credit in different positions. Talk with your advisor or professor and get details on how we can help! Let us know about your internship questions or needs when you apply.

Working at camp provides great opportunities for professional skill development that will help prepare you for your future career, parenthood, & marriage! As a staff member, you’ll be supervising, coaching, mentoring, and leading others. You’ll learn project management skills, conflict resolution, communication, and administration of details. These leadership development opportunities have been proven to stand out on a resume and impress future employers. Spiritual growth will occur through personal time spent with God, staff Bible study, and devotion times with fellow staff members in a community much like the early church in Acts 2.

Geneva Hills campers range from age 6 – 16, mostly coming from the Columbus, OH area. Campers come from various home situations and faith backgrounds providing unique opportunities to share the gospel.

At Geneva Hills, every day is a little different. However, most days include 3 meals together as a camp family, a morning and evening chapel session with breakout groups following, and a few hours of activity time enjoying the pool, laser tag, and other activities we offer.

Breakouts are an important time each day where you will have the opportunity to see campers be challenged to grow in their faith. As a life changer, you will help lead discussion questions and nightly devotionals for your campers within your cabin. Your focus will be to build relationships with campers just as Christ built relationships with people during His ministry. At Geneva Hills, we are confident that God works in His time to reach people with His good news; therefore, it is our goal to love campers and live our lives in a way that exemplifies Jesus Christ and what it means to have a personal relationship with Him. It is not our goal to convert every camper by the end of the week but challenge them to grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ.

Staff can plan on being finished with their positional duties most Fridays by 5pm. The work week will begin each Sunday at 2pm as we prepare again for a new set of campers to arrive that evening.

Staff Training consists of 9 days purposefully designed to equip summer staff with the tools and knowledge they need to fulfill there role at Geneva Hills. You will be immersed in the community that you will work alongside and develop a better understanding of how camp runs successfully. Training sessions include camper Bible study prep, understanding camp activities, abuse prevention, and much more.

That’s okay and we hope you do have questions about Camp! You can reach out to us at any time via phone at (740) 746-8439 or email at [email protected]. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. Don’t be shy!

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